Seamless Diamondplate Software For Adobe Photoshop - FREE

Diamond Plate Fill is an easy to use action that can fill any black text or shape with a perfectly seamless fill diamond plate pattern. Multiple sizes and colors of our diamond plate patterns are included with the action set.

This is a great action especially for those creating artwork for t-shirts and posters. The end effect is easily modified by using the hue-saturation functions of Photoshop in addition to adding enhancements such as shadows, strokes, etc to the diamond plate filled object(s).

When running the action, there must be some open area outside the object. For example, lets say you just want to create a large square and fill it with diamond plate. Its not possible to simply fill a Layer with black and run the action. There needs to be some transparent or white space beyond the edge of the object within the layer.

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If choosing full screen, allow about 10 seconds for the clarity to stabilize.

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