If Upgrading Your Macintosh With A New OS X

UltraSeps will need to be reauthorized if upgrading your Macintosh operating system, such as going from Lion to Mavericks, etc. The reason is that our copy protection may see this as a new computer itself, and not a normal system update.


Close Photoshop.

Download this small file here containing a new Ticket File and unzip.

Open your Macintosh HD and look for a folder named UltraSeps and open it. See screen shot below indicating location of this folder.

Now open the folder named QuickLicense.

Copy the small unzipped file downloaded named ultraseps2 to the QuickLicense folder.

Launch Photoshop.

Click the Action that says "Unlock UltraSeps Now".

The Activation Screen with the Request Number will now appear.

Email the Request Number to us and indicate the ultraseps2 ticket has been installed.

If forgetting to tell us you're using the ultraseps2 ticket file, you will receive an invalid unlock code since we'll assume its a normal new install.

We'll then issue a new unlock code within 24 hours.

Illustrated unlock instructions can be found here.

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