Ultra-Everyting Just Chillin' Deal!
See Details Below On All That's Included!
"Put In Cart - Get Your Chillin-LOW Price"

After your purchase is completed and processed by us, a new user email will be sent between 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM New York time containing info on how to unlock UltraSeps in addition to download links to all the other included FREE software!

The Everything We Sell Deal is by far the most incredible deal we have ever offered!
That’s right, get EVERYTHING we sell at this ridiculously low price for a limited time!

Deal ends shortly!

Here's What You Get At One Low Super Chillin' Special Price:

You’ll receive UltraSeps v2, the #1 t-shirt color separation program within the screen printing industry (by far) along with a copy of our new Duotone Separation Software, the 125 Vintage Textures Pack Software, the Fire Department Art Collection and what the heck, we’re also including a copy of QuikSeps Professional just for good measure.

Why are we including QuikSeps as UltraSeps is a superior product? Well, maybe there’s an extra system or two that’s used as a backup that you’d rather not waste one of the two included UltraSeps unlocks on where a color separation program might be useful at times with.

This package is like getting UltraSeps FREE when factoring in the value of the included free software and the discount itself on UltraSeps. Make sure to place your order today!

General Information:

UltraSeps v2 and all bonus software included in this limited time deal are a download only.

The trial to UltraSeps v2 itself IS the full version, it only needs to be unlocked. All users receive access to additional test files, updaters, distress filters, installers, etc. on the site.

No DVD's are shipped!

Once purchased, email us the Request Number to receive your unlock code. Instructions to unlock the software are within the User Guide and can also be found here. Unlock codes are only required for UltraSeps v2.

A new user email along with a paid invoice in PDF format will be issued within 24 hours that also contains a registration number that identifies you as a licensed user and eligible for support, updates, etc. This email also contains download links to all the included bonus software. All new user email notifications are sent between 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM New York City time.

Improving upon the highly acclaimed QuikSeps Professional and UltraSeps CSS, UltraSeps v2 is the next evolution in color separation software for t-shirt screen printers!

A single copy runs on both Macs and Windows with multiple installs included within the price.

Packed with more features, automation, innovation and accuracy than any other product, UltraSeps v2 is a monster that will enhance your creativity, advance your Photoshop capabilities and increase profits.

UltraSeps v2 will change your life and make doing complicated color separations, image corrections and countless other tasks and effects within Photoshop a breeze!

Think About This.....
For the price of a few gallons of ink, get THE BEST color separation software available that'll never run out!

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